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About-the-Flagship Artists Series

You may be getting the idea that we do things a little bit differently around here. If that's the case, you'd be right.

One of the things that we do a little differently than most jigsaw puzzle companies is the concept of a "series". Because our puzzles are "more than a puzzle", we give a tremendous amount of attention to the "content" of each and every puzzle that we produce. Our puzzle series is a "story", in a sense. It's a book in a trilogy... it's an episode of your current "binge" TV series. Each and every puzzle in our puzzle series ties to each and every other puzzle in the series.

So, let's talk about our Flagship Artists Series. This is a series of eight, great, challenging puzzles. Each of these puzzles focuses on a particular famous artist (the artist's identity is a secret) and the puzzle image, along with the various clues that are hidden in the image, work together to help you figure out who the artist is.

Like most other jigsaw puzzles, the first step is to have fun putting the puzzle together. Unlike most other jigsaw puzzles, after you have enjoyed putting your puzzle together, it's time to grab the Camike Clues Challenge sheet (included with every puzzle). This sheet is a treasure map, of sorts. It provides you with ten clues that are specific to the identity of your puzzle's "secret artist". Your job is to figure out the answers to these clues. Some are hard - some are easy - some are very tricky... you may even have to do some online searches to find the answer. Here's a clue for success: The clues span generations. That's by design in our hope to bring families and generations together.

We put together some impromptu focus groups while we were working out our ideas. Focus groups sounds pretty "official" - it was actually just a gathering of family and friends.  We learned quite a bit and it validated a lot of what we envisioned. It was pretty neat to see how a grandmother, her 30-something year old daughter and her 8 year old grandson can each "truly" contribute to completing and solving one of our puzzles. Very, very cool to see.

Up until now, when we've completed a puzzle, some of us just let it sit on the dining room table and admired it for a day or two. Some of us glued it together and framed it. Some of us packed it up and started another. The point is, the fun and the challenge were over when we snapped that last piece in place. That's not the case anymore... at least it's not the case with a Camike Press Puzzle. Our puzzles are exactly like a traditional puzzle but our puzzles are so much more than that. Click here to find out why and stay tuned for puzzles three through eight in this series!