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Camike Press Puzzle Company is a small, family-run business located in Cleveland, Ohio. The company develops, designs, manufactures and sells their patent pending puzzles that are designed to more fully engage the minds of puzzle enthusiasts. The company’s unique product offering spans the gap between traditional board games and online competition and community.

Our puzzles are unique in the jigsaw puzzle industry. They are truly "more than just a puzzle” and our patent pending puzzle system leads to adventures that the whole family can enjoy. The challenge and the fun no longer ends when you snap that last piece in place - it's just the beginning of a wonderful, fun and learning adventure.

Each and every detail of a Camike Press Puzzle is personally designed and developed by us – from the series ideas, to the clues and answers, the packaging, the box content, the box inserts, the actual puzzle and more. We take great pride and care in crafting our puzzles and we take great care when we launch a new design. We source the best possible materials and manufacting resources to ensure that each and every Camike puzzle that you own will be an “experience” that brightens your life. We look forward to having you as a member of the Camike Press Puzzle Company family and providing you with the unique experience that each one of our puzzles offers.

For media inquiries, please contact John McLoughlin - or 216-309-0940.

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News Releases

January 2017: A New Kind of Jigsaw Puzzle is Born in Cleveland